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Just as we are not responsible for services, resources and concerns generated by links to third parties that are not controlled or directed by AVRIL Fashion HOUSE.

Therefore, you acknowledge that the use of this website is at your own risk, that you assume all responsibility for all costs associated with our services and that we will not be responsible for any damage caused by the use of our website.


By placing an order you are purchasing a product that is subject to the following terms and conditions:
In order to make a purchase from us you must be 18 years of age or older and have a valid credit or debit card issued by a bank approved by us. AVRIL FASHION HOUSE reserves the right to reject any request made by you. If your order is accepted, we will inform you by email.
The prices of our articles may be modified without prior notice.
All orders are subject to availability, in case your order is canceled you will be notified by email and the money will be refunded in a bank account owned exclusively by the Client.
We have done everything possible to display the colors and characteristics of our products as accurately as possible. However, as the colors you see will depend on your monitor, we cannot guarantee that the color display on your monitor will be exact, as well as for image effects the characteristics of some items may have minor variations.
The size guide provided on this website will allow you to have an approximation of the measurements of the clothes, however please keep in mind that these are not exact and we are not responsible for the differences that may occur.
At the moment you confirm and pay for your order, you are accepting all our conditions of sale described above.



If for any reason the price, details or descriptions of the product contain an error and you have made a purchase, we will inform you by email of the incident to make the modification or cancellation of your order; In the event that we do not obtain a response from the buyer, we will consider the order as canceled.

Prices may be changed or modified without prior notice.

For the acceptance of your order, an authorization verification is carried out through PayU Latam of your payment card to ensure that there are sufficient funds that can fulfill the transaction and it is not a fraud. The goods will not be shipped until the authorization has been completed and Your card will be charged once the order has been accepted.

As soon as the payment is authorized and accepted, the buyer will receive a confirmation of the approval.


Delivery times may vary depending on availability and subject to delays resulting from postal delays or force majeure for which we will not be responsible. Normally our products are delivered between 20-25 days approximately, however all orders will be delivered within a maximum period of 30 calendar days. Please see our Shipping rates for more information.
The cost of national shipments and international postal services are borne by the customer. All advertised shipping costs are subject to change.
It is understood that any person who is at the address where the purchase should be delivered is authorized to receive the order. Therefore we exclude ourselves from any responsibility since the shipment is delivered to the registered address for delivery.
An exact delivery time cannot be determined, if you have any concerns with the office, having the guide number at hand, you can contact Deprisa on the free national line 018000519393 and in Bogotá by phone 4051405.
At the moment that the transport company is in the delivery address of the client's order and he rejects the delivery of the same for any reason beyond AVRIL FASHION HOUSE, the cost of the shipment will not be returned and to make the new dispatch of this customer must again bear the cost again.
It is the customer's responsibility to check at the time he receives the product that it is in good condition. If this does not report any claim consigned in the corresponding transport document, it is understood in the receipt of the carrier for all purposes that the item (s) were satisfactory.


AVRIL FASHION HOUSE will contact you for all your transactions by email in order to give you the necessary advice on purchases, claims and changes made to the website.


In accordance with the provisions of the Colombian Consumer Statute, we will accept repairs and returns of products purchased that are defective and / or that their quality is not suitable for the use for which it is intended with a margin of 5 business days that govern from the day the product was delivered.

The consumer must return the product to our facilities by the same means and in the same conditions in which the client received it, the transport costs and other costs that the return of the good entails will be covered by the consumer.

Beauty products and intimate clothing are exempted from the right of withdrawal for hygiene reasons.

If your return or exchange does not imply any of the above, keep in mind that the items must be returned in the same state in which they were sent, containing the original packaging, labels and corresponding labels.

AVRIL FASHION HOUSE will have 30 business days to make changes and / or returns, which will be counted from the moment the Customer submits their claim.

After you place an order, you will receive two e-mails: the first is a receipt informing the purchase you have just made, which will only be effective when the payment method is approved; and the second email corresponds to the confirmation or rejection of the payment method. When you have finally received the two e-mails, you will be able to complete your transaction.

If you wish to cancel your contract or purchase, you can do so with 5 business days by contacting us at info@avrilfh.com or 3008950508; But if the product was already sent by AVRIL FASHION HOUSE to the address indicated by the client, he must pay the cost of importing the item in such case it is imported and the cost of shipping to the address suggested by the client.



The conditions of use of the promotional codes will be given at the time they are announced and will specify the expiration date.

You can only use one promo code per order

After a purchase has been made, you will not be able to link a promotional code.

AVRIL FASHION HOUSE reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions.


Only exchangeable through our website for the items offered in the catalog.

They do not have an expiration time

If your order exceeds the total amount of it, you must pay the balance with the means of payment offered on the page. Otherwise, the purchase will not be completed.

Gift cards are not exchangeable for cash.

We are not responsible for the loss or theft of the Gift Card.

Promotional discounts do not apply to this payment method.

If you have any questions please contact us at info@avrilfh.com.

AVRIL FASHION HOUSE reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions.


The intellectual property rights of this website are owned by AVRIL FASHION HOUSE, its disclosure, reproduction, distribution or public communication is prohibited. In no case these terms and conditions confer rights or licenses to carry out the acts described above, otherwise it will be considered a violation of these terms and conditions and will give rise to the corresponding civil and criminal actions.


You must indemnify Avril Fashion House for any damage, cost and expense caused to your image, your website or the violation of its terms and conditions (including legal fees).


We reserve the right to change, modify and delete without prior notice our services or any part of this website.


These terms and conditions will be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Colombia and in the case of any inconvenience, it may be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Colombian court.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy aims to provide you with a safe fashionista experience by protecting the personal information of our clients and visitors in accordance with the regulations applicable to the protection of Personal Data contained in Law 1581 of 2012, and its Regulatory Decrees.

All information given by our users at the time of registering your account (name, surname, birthday, e-mail, cell phone, telephone, country, shipping address and preferences); It may be used for the company to have a database of its customers and to carry out marketing campaigns, sales activities, traffic patterns on our site, statistical studies, answer queries, send orders, transmit personal data to third parties for commercial, administrative and / or operational purposes, and to send you information about news, products, services and special offers. At any time you want, you can change, modify or cancel your personal data; Likewise, by accepting our terms and conditions, you indicate that you agree to the collection and storage of them for the purposes described above.

We do not request personal information other than the one mentioned above for the creation or modification of your account, in the event that it happens, a violation of personal information, theft or theft of conferred instruments occurs, please contact us immediately by email, otherwise we will not be held responsible for such actions.

If by mistake personal information of minors is attached to our database, we will do everything in our power to remove such information as soon as possible.

User responsibility
It is a commitment of the user:
Provide correct and true personal information.
Updating of personal data whenever necessary.
Promptly notify financial entities of the loss or theft of your credit card or other instruments that allow the carrying out of financial transactions (debit card, personal passwords, etc.) in order to disable them.
Posting or transmitting illegal, obscene, scandalous, threatening, slanderous, defamatory, pornographic or profane material, or any other material that could give rise to any civil or criminal liability under the terms of the law, is prohibited.
You agree not to use any type of software, device, engine, tool, agent, robots, digital characters, intelligent agents, or any other element that may try to obstruct or obstruct the proper functioning of this portal.
Accept our terms and conditions

Account cancelation
AVRIL FASHION HOUSE can cancel, disable, change or delete your account at any time. You are personally responsible for any order you make or the legal procedures you incur before your use of the site is canceled.

During your visit to our Site, we may use cookies to capture information regarding specific activities of a user that allow us some administrative purposes such as: following your shopping cart, preferences, saving passwords so that each time you enter our website you do not have to enter it, etc. Cookies will not contain information that allows anyone to contact our customers by phone, email or any other means. If our customers are not comfortable with the use of cookie technology, they can configure their browser to reject this means of information storage. However, some of our services depend on cookies and as these are disabled it may affect the proper functioning of the portal.

This site may contain links to other web pages. We are responsible for the security or privacy practices, services, resources and concerns generated by these third party links that are not controlled or directed by AVRIL FASHION HOUSE.

Financial information
When making the payment of your purchase, it is extremely important that you know that Avril Fashion House does not have access to your personal and financial information registered at the time of payment and that ALL the payment process, you are doing it directly with the PayU Latam payment system who will be solely responsible for handling this information. PayU Latam is a financial entity that has high security standards to ensure the protection, confidentiality and integrity of cardholder data and contains a robust Anti-Fraud system that will protect your transactions to minimize electronic fraud that could affect you. PayU Latam is PCI DSS certified. For more information, contact them here
Your use of this website constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions.
Keep in mind, day after day, we continue to work to improve this website, leading us to make changes that could modify our privacy policies. Please, constantly visit these policies so that you are updated on the changes to them.